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Brooklyn, NY

The Bar Stool Historian Podcast

Welcome Back, Blame-O-Meter

John Miller


The Bar Stool Historian returns, along with their blame-assigning technological marvel, the Blame-O-Meter 5000!

In this episode. we measure how much the phrase "Read my lips, no new taxes..." was to blame for George H. W. Bush's re-election failure.

Plus, Tim recalls his personal experiences of growing up in the bad-old days of crime-ridden NYC.


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To get a sense of the grime, grit, and pervasive dread of 1991 NYC that Tim grew up within, check out this fascinating documentary gem about the freelance photo and video journalists who prowled the nighttime crime scene.

From 1985 until 2003 former New York Daily News photographer Joseph DeMaria ran V&P News Service. Armed with high quality video cameras, former Daily News photographers, police radios and "arrangements" with New York's finest, V&P New Service were often the first responders to many of the city's most lurid, grizzly and important news stories.