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Brooklyn, NY

The Bar Stool Historian Podcast

Forty (Not "Fourty")

John Miller

John, Tim and Ed kick off Bar Stool Season 2 with a celebration of our 40th birthdays.  Join us as we explore (and in Tim’s case, severely criticize) the mystical number  40 and its special place in history. 

Topics include:

  • The most meaningful events of the last 40 years (including the true story of when Tim and John met Mikhail Gorbachev.)
  • The Lykov family, who survived 40 years in the Siberian Wilderness without seeing another human.
  • WD-40
  • Japanese fanatical holdouts, possibly wearing diapers.
  • Out of nowhere swipes at New York Comic Con.
  • Yeti!!!!

(As you'd expect, the whole number 40 theme completely breaks down in a few points in the show. Wild tangents aplenty!)


Lagavulin 16

Brooklyn Defender IPA

Sam Adams Scotch Ale

Goose Island Winter Ale